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Let's try this again [06/30/2010 | 12:05am]
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Yo [04/08/2010 | 12:52am]
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Don't call me Gaga [11/20/2009 | 12:34am]

My computer crashed last week so I had to restore it and there is no Photoshop on it for now so this is a picture I took for potatoboat completely unedited omg
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Long hair is long [10/29/2009 | 12:35am]
[ mood | lazy ]

wtf that doesn't even look like me

I just realized that I have to revise my Spanish paper for tomorrow while I'm studying for my public relations exam tomorrow so naturally I'm not doing either at the moment. I've had two exams this week so far and I don't know why but I've felt burnt out since Tuesday even though I really shouldn't have felt that way at all. These two things aren't really helping but I'm not helping my cause either. I'm not sure why I always feel like I don't have to study as much as I think I need to and then when it comes time to take the exam, I regret not studying more. Sometimes studying just isn't effective for me, I don't know why I can't just retain school information well. I've never really been a good studier but whatever. I wish school came easier for me, but the fact of the matter is that it isn't and I'm lazy. I know, bad Asian, you bring dishonor to family, no moon cakes for you, etc.

I'm looking forward to spending this weekend away from school. chronicfreak and I are going to drive to visit out friend for Halloween, so that should be a nice reward for the week (assuming I deserve one). We're going as Brad and Taylor from The Rachel Zoe Project, which I'm sure nobody will understand but we don't want to dress up and this seemed like a totally awesome idea at the time when someone said they would be Rachel Zoe.
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idk [09/20/2009 | 2:31am]
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Hi I'm Alive [09/09/2009 | 12:09am]

I got my first speeding ticket last night. $265.00 for going 81 on a 55 kekeke
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I just went downstairs for a cheeseburger [08/05/2009 | 11:07pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Ugh I can't stand my mother. We just got in an argument because one of my best friends is moving and today was one of hte last days I'll see her in a long time and she basically comforted me with, "You need more friends. Guy friends. So you can talk about different interests." And basically I was like hell no bitch and we fought. She thinks I need to diversify the people I hang out with and I was like what's wrong with the ones I have now and she just thinks I'm too picky and closed minded. Apparently, having a few close friends seems to be worse than a ton of acquaintances.

I'm using this as an excuse to bring home guys to my bedroom. So we can talk about our interests.

edit: Also somewhere in this argument I said that her thoughts kind of offended me which she replied with, "You're too sensitive." I was like ok we're done.

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"Country Club" are my two favorite words [07/31/2009 | 12:53am]
[ mood | blah ]

My aunt just sent this to me. I'm going to take an educated guess and say it was Christmas and she thinks I must have been really hungry. Some things never change...

I'm going to Wisconsin to spend the weekend with my "grandparents" at their summer home. I guess their place close to Waupaca near Colombia Lake and Otter Lake. My family is not a particularly outdoorsy family but I'm hoping for the best since we have to get there for dinner tomorrow at the country club. My mom said something about me trying water skiing and I was like "fuck no" so yeah, we'll see how that goes. I'm sure there will be nice pictures come Monday.
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Happy 4th of July [07/04/2009 | 10:02pm]
God bless America

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I heard you like babby pics [05/13/2009 | 11:24pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

My mom is going through old photos to find some baby pictures of my brother for his graduation party and of course there are like none of him and like 13156121 of me. My mom said that I was such a good "poser" when I was a kid. I was like "yeahhhh about that..........."

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